Bissell Vacuum Cleaners Model Number Demystified

The Bissell ProHeat 2X vacuum cleaner offers several good features which may allow you to rapidly and effectively clean your carpet and fabric only using this device. It also offers microban, an antimicrobial defense, found simply within selected brand and models of vacuums. It is a good way to safeguard your family members from the harmful effects of bacteria, molds and mildew. It also helps to keep your carpets and rugs fresher and cleaner. 

Also, the Bissell ProHeat 2X also offers a feature called Clean Shot technology. Along with the aid of a steam and cleaning liquid, you could only spray it directly to remove the more complicated stains. Cleaning by using this function is also quicker since there is absolutely no need of dropping to your knees to clean the stain out. 

Another critical function of Bissell Proheat 2X is its DryeAire system. This feature ensure that drying and cleaning processes are usually carried out concurrently. Whenever your own machine is on, hot air will be forced from the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. The heat is actually absorbed by the carpet, drying it in the process. This cuts much of your time drying out the carpet, therefore you are still able to attend to your other tasks. 

The power rating of this particular vacuum cleaner is actually 12 amps that is among the greatest readily available. 

This higher power tends to make carpet washing a quick along with easy process. Unlike with various other cleaners, the Bissex Proheat 2X is flexible, you may really adjust its height.This device auto adapts to your carpet height it may glide smoothly and makes sure your carpet is actually as thoroughly clean as possible without putting way too much wear and tear on your carpets and rugs. 

The Bissell Proheat 2X vacuum cleaner may do a length of 12 inches with each and every stroke. This means a shorter time required to finish the cleaning process. An additional wonderful feature of this specific machine is its cord. With a long length of 30 inches, you do not have to worry about stopping the vacuum along with replugging the device to a much closer socket. This may assist in saving you lots of energy and time.


Bissell provides wonderful customer service by simply providing company contact details that's readily accessible. For simple operation in addition to upkeep of Bissel ProHeat 2X machine, Bissel provides a descriptive guide which gives instructions of all steps involved in the process. The guide additionally has troubleshooting directions and any other concern you could be having. In the event you lose the guide, you may always search through the website to seek out answers to your questions, such as the location of a service center nearest you. They will actually guide you exactly where to discover the best replacement components, should the need arises. 

Bissell ProHeat 2x Healthy Home carpet cleaner is the very best carpet cleaner selection. It has numerous great features which can allow you to save time, money and also resources. There is fantastic customer service should you need it, and also the capability to order replacement parts quickly and easily. Certainly, it's the only vacuum cleaner which ensures excellent value right down to the very last drop of cent you invested! 

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